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Performance Improvement Guarantee offered by Dale Carnegie Training of Montana & NW Wyoming

We guarantee that if you follow our proven process, your organization will achieve measurable improvement in business results during the timeframe of the program in which you are participating or additional coaching for skill development will be provided at no additional charge until the identified business improvement occurs or you choose to stop participating.
The Process:
1) Determine the strategic intent of the organization and how it is being measured. Collect current data on performance of at least one specific business measure for a baseline through inquiry and conversation.
2) Involve appropriate people in the organization to assess alignment around the vision for the strategic intent, and how competencies demonstrated by selected people are connected to the measure of business performance. Utilize assessment tools or group meetings if necessary.
3) Identify a skill development program that will address the competencies in need of improvement. This may be one of our regularly offered programs, or it may include innovative modifications to meet the needs of the individual and the organization.
The participants fully engage in the program.
Full engagement means the participants willingly do the following things:
a) Attend and participate in all of the program sessions.
b) Complete all suggested reading assignments.
c) Apply the program content to work that is relevant to the strategic intent.
d) Give verbal progress reports at each session following session one.
e) Are receptive to coaching and encouragement from the trainer.
Final report of the program will include impact on the business measure identified in step 1) with comparison to baseline data to determine if improvement satisfactory to the organization has been achieved.
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