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Incumbent Worker Training Funds

Did you know there’s over $300k in Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) Funds for Montana small businesses? The funding is also called Business Expansion And Retention (BEAR). It’s just waiting to be used and we would like to help you tap into it. Check this link: http://www.businessresources.mt.gov/bear/default.mcpx
Here are the conditions and benefits the web page doesn’t mention:
·         There’s $2000 per full-time employee, per year that can be used for training and development.
·         Your business must:
o   have fewer than 20 employees at one site; less than 50 employees in the state
o   be registered with the state of Montana http://www.sos.mt.gov/Business/Forms/index.asp
o   have been in business for at least 1 year
o   match 20% of the cost of training
o   complete a BEAR Interview with two BEAR Team Outreach Specialists to identify your Incumbent Worker Training Grant needs.
  •  The employee’s probationary period (minimum 6 months if no formal plan is in place) must also be complete.
What this means for you:
·         This is a free assessment program and you are under no obligation to follow the Assessment Team’s suggestions.
·         You can show your employees that they really are important to your business and you appreciate all of their hard work. Help them maximize their performance, become stronger leaders and add more value to the organization.
·         You can save 70 – 80% on the number one, customized training program in the world: Dale Carnegie Training. We can come to you or you can register for one of our public programs.
·         The application for funds takes about a month so if you get started now, you and your employees can make it into the September programs in Bozeman and Billings. https://montana.dalecarnegie.com/events/dale_carnegie_course/
·         We want your local business to succeed and grow--If your needs are different from what Dale Carnegie Training of Montana can provide, you will be connected with the appropriate services.
·         To get started, call or email the appropriate contact listed on the BEAR site http://www.businessresources.mt.gov/bear/default.mcpx or contact Gloria O’Rourke at 406.563.5259 or gloria@medamembers.org.

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